5 Sleep Apnea Exercises That Work

sleep apnea exercises
People with sleep apnea cannot sleep well. Sleep apnea is a serious problem in sleeping. It is the interruption of breathing during the sleep.

Unfortunately, more than 18 million American people experience this type of sleep disorder. If you want to feel better and keep away from this annoying condition, you need to do sleep apnea exercises.

Does exercise help sleep apnea? It can be very effective to treat or reduce sleep apnea. If you are interested, you can try these exercise ideas.

Best Exercises for Sleep Apnea

There are many treatments for sleep apnea (see apnea surgery and apnea mouthpiece). However, the following exercises for sleep apnea can be great ideas to try:

Throat Tiger Yell Exercise

One of the best exercises to try is silent yelling. It works your throat to cure sleep apnea. It is also usually called as Tiger yell. What you need to do is to open the mouth wide without making noise or yelling.

The purpose is to make the back throat muscles stringer. So, make sure that you open the mouth widely until the uvula is lifted. After that, hold this position for 5 secons or more. Then, you can relax.
throat exercises for sleep apnea

Tongue Slide Exercise

This also belongs to the most recommended home sleep apnea exercises. It helps you to make your jaw stronger. To get the best result, you should do it 30 minutes in routine.

Firstly, you just need to slide out the tongue. After that, push your tongue tip as far as possible toward your nose. Then, hold it for some seconds and you can relax. This is very effective to reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea and also curb snoring.
tongue exercises for sleep apnea

Soft Palate Blowing Exercise

This can be useful to prevent and treat sleep apnea effectively. To follow this exercise, you should close the mouth & breathe through the nose slowly. After that, press the lips together & exhale through the mouth.

In this exercise, you should exhale last for around 5 seconds. To get the best result, we recommend you to do this 4 times or more every day.
exercises to help sleep apnea

Jaw Tension Exercise

This exercise requires you to move up & down the jaw to improve the muscles. Firstly, you should close the mouth & keep your teeth in the close contact. After that, let the tongue to rest where your tongue tip is in front of your upper teeth.

Next, you need to arch your tough against your tongue roof & slide the tongue tip as far as possible along the roof. You should maintain your tongue in the position & slowly open the mouth until your tongue does not touch the roof anymore.
breathing exercises for sleep apnea throat neck jaw exercises to reduce apnea and snoring

Playing Didgeridoo

Another top exercise that you can try to treat sleep apnea is playing didgeridoo. It is very effective to manage mild and moderate obstructive sleep apnea. It works by training the muscles in upper ways which control dilation.

If you want to do this exercise, you need to place didgeridoo in the mouth and your lips should firm around the tip. After that, inflate the cheeks with air. Then, inhale & exhale through the nose while maintaining inflation. To see the fast result, you should play didgeridoo every day.