3 Broken Kneecap Symptoms You Need to Aware

How do you know if you have a broken knee cap / patellar fracture? Sometimes, you didn’t aware about what happen to your body until it hurts. You even didn’t realize when they hit something so hard, and suddenly you just see them bruise and you feel pain in one of your body parts. It may turn serious when it is about fracture, especially if there is a crack in some of your joints.

One of the most common fracture is broken kneecap. As it is already mentioned in the title above, we will discuss about 3 broken kneecap symptoms you need to aware. It will help you how to prevent it from happening.
broken kneecap symptoms

Signs of Broken Kneecap Illness

If we know the symptoms, of course more serious diseases will be prevented. The current symptoms can be rapidly addressed and unsustainable become more serious and are required to get special treatment. What is importance about this knowledge, it can help you to treat your body better.

Pain when moving the knee

Can you walk with a broken knee cap? You often do not realize that there is a fracture on your knee until you feel pain in that part. The first symptom that appears before the bruise is that you will feel pain on the inner side of knee when moving your legs, because there is a joint injured when you do the movement, and that joint is in your knee.

Simple treatment that you can do if you experienced this is rest your legs, don’t move a lot. It may cause it swell and bruise if you force your knee to move a lot because it makes your muscles stress between upper and lower part of knee.
signs of a broken kneecap or pattelar fractured

Difficulty extending the leg or doing straight leg activities

Inability to straighten the knee is one of 3 broken kneecap (patella fracture) symptoms that you need to aware. When you feel that you have difficulty extending your legs, your kneecap injury is one step more severe than the previous symptoms.

The treatment you should take is also different and more serious. If you go to doctor, they will suggest you apply a cast or splint to keep your knee straight and to prevent motion in your legs.
chipped cracked shattered hairline fractured kneecap symptoms

Deform appearance due to fracture

If one of 3 symptoms you have is already come up to this level, seriously, go to the hospital and see better specialist doctor in your country if needed. It is not something you can take for granted.

Get your best support people and ask to them to company you to hospital if you can’t go there by yourself. The doctor will take you to scan room and see what happen in your knee, and they will give you the right treatment. It may take you to surgical thing if the deform you had is very severe.

Things we can take as a lesson after we have quite enough information about 3 signs of a fractured kneecap is never underestimate something, moreover it is a disease that can make your life can not be normal again like others. Do not let your ignorance makes you feel sorry to yourself later. Health is very expensive. It is not about money. It’s about the best treatment to your body that you live in from the day you born until then.