3 Fracture Ankle Symptoms and Treatment

In normal condition you will able to move your ankle freely to do your activities. There is a joint that makes tibia bone and talus bone connected. This joint enables you to move your foot. In the other day, when there is an injury to your ankle, either because of fall, accident or trauma to the ankle, you won’t be able to move along freely.

In this article, we will discuss about 3 fracture ankle symptoms and how to treat your ankle if it happens. A fracture is a condition when you broke your partial or complete bones. The injuries of ankle fracture are varying, it can be less pain until the most serious one. It depends on how severe of broken bones you experienced.
fracture ankle symptoms

Pain along with pale skin in the foot, numbness

One of 3 signs of a fractured or broken ankle is pain. This symptom may be not visible, but the pain is real. The pain you feel comes from the broken bones of your ankle that makes them not strong enough to buffer your body weight.

In the case when the broken bones make your blood difficult to flow, the skin around your ankle will be pale and your move will very limited at that time. Every time you move, it hurts you much.

Swelling and bruising

The second broken bone in ankle symptom is swelling and bruising. Swollen ankle can be localized or it might cause the swell spreads along your feet. In this period, take your foot into rest and don’t move it too much.

Bruise itself is a condition when your blood have difficulty flowing to another body part. You can see your skin start to be seen red or purple. This symptom is a visual thing you can aware if you experience ankle injury.
dislocated broken bone in ankle symptoms

Deformities of bones around the ankle

The next visual symptom, that you can aware from fracture ankle is when you can see your bones do not look as they are in their normal looks. There is some fracture occur in your ankle and it makes deformities. This kind of ankle fracture is the most serious level, and the doctor may suggest you take surgery.
hairline stress fracture ankle symptoms

Fracture Ankle Treatment
The right treatment you should take is depend on how severe your injury is. You still can do non-medical treatment at home if your injury is not that serious. In early stage of the accident when there’s still no swell and bruises.

If by doing that your ankle injury doesn’t get better, go to hospital immediately. Let the doctor take care of them. The treatment they will take is varying also, based on how severe your fracture is. In some case, surgery is needed to repair your ankle fracture.

Ankle fracture and ankle sprain usually mistaken by people. In fact, they are totally different. Different case has different cause, and will lead to different treatment. That’s why it is important for you to know the symptoms, so you can determine which one is yours.