Types of Ankle Sprains Based on Severity & the Mostly Happens

As there are different treatments for the ankle sprains, it seems better for you if you know the types of ankle sprains to figure out about the immediate treatments afterwards.

Ankle sprain is actually a kind of injury which may happen due to rolling or twisting the ankle wrongly. Sometimes when you have excessive movement the ligament would tear as it works beyond their limited motion. When it really happens, your ankle would feel like on fire.
types of ankle sprains

Two Different Types of Ankle Sprains

When identifying about the types of ankle sprains that are mostly happen, you will find out two different types of sprains which happen in the ankle. They are the inversion sprain and also the eversion sprain. You will get the further detail by reading more.

Inversion sprain

ankle sprain grades
This kind of ankle sprain happens when the outward part of the ankle rolls out o the ankle while the inward rolls out of the food. It causes the stretches happen between the outward about the inward part of the ankle. It creates the pain outside your ankle.

Eversion sprain

inversion and eversion lateral ankle sprain
This kind of ankle sprain happens when the ankle rolls inward and the foot would turn outward. It may look like swollen since it rolls outside from the normal ankle. Meanwhile, it will make you feel the pain inside your ankle.

Three Degrees of Ankle Sprains

When you want to make a further comparison based on the severity level for the sufferers then there would be three different grades of the ankle sprains that people can suffer from.

The one that is responsible in grading whether you are in the first grade or second or the third is only doctor, especially the orthopedic doctor. Here are the scales of the ankle sprains based on the severity level.
grade 1 2 and 3 ankle sprain

First Degree

The first degree of the ankle sprains is described as the pain caused by the ligament stretched but it is still in the condition that isn’t torn yet.

The symptoms of this first degree are the feeling of uncomfortable while jogging or even jumping, the stiffness and the instability occurred in the area of your joint, and also the mild pain and some swelling.

Second Degree

The second degree can be said as the most common type of the ankle sprain that would like to happen. It is the result of the ligament that has partially torn.

The symptoms of this second degree ankle sprains are the difficulties in walking, the loss of motion or numbness, moderate pain, and also the swelling and also bruising in most area of the ankle.

Third Degree

The third degree is known as the most severe where the ligament of the ankle has been totally torn. As it is the most severe one, you will know how speechless you are when you are asked to describe the pain in this degree. It includes the severe swelling and horrible pain, joint instability, and also there would be loss of motion extremely. This belongs to the most severe grade of ankle sprains. How long does a sprained ankle last?