How to Sprain Your Ankle?

How to sprain your ankle? This question seems to be quite normal to ask when people want to know the reason why they experience the sprained ankle. By getting to know the causes why it happens, probably you will know how to fix and treat it.

Sprained ankle is actually a kind of injury which happens when the tissue is stretched for too much and torn off. This kind of experience is totally painful because ankle is the center when the ligaments meet. When the ankle is sprained, the movement of your leg will be halted. This will make people feel uncomfortable in making movement.
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Symptoms of Sprained Ankle

Based on the level of severity, people might have various symptoms to refer whether what they experience is one of the symptoms of sprained ankle or not. The symptoms of sprained ankle are swelling and bruising, of course. (Read: types of ankle sprains based on severity)

When your ankle is sprained, there would be a popping sensation when it happened. Then you will be hard to make a movement. Your scope of moving would be totally limited and more importantly the pain is obviously killing you.
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Causes of Sprained Ankle

There are so many causes why people could experience their ankle sprained. Of course this isn’t a good thing to happen. You will need other people to help you. You will be inactive for a while since you can’t maximally work as usual. This is going to be an annoying thing to happen that you would never want it to happen to you. These followings are the common causes of the sprained ankle.

fall from stairs

When you are walking down the stairs and you accidentally fell from the stairs, you might have the risk of sprain ankle. It is something unpredictable that you have no idea that it would happen.
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wrong position of feet

Jumping or walking carelessly might make you have the wrong position of the feet. It doesn’t enable the feet to have the proper landing position. Thus, the feet wouldn’t get enough basic and it may cause the ankle to experience sprain. This might also happen when people walk with the surface that isn’t straight and even.
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accidentally being stepped

During an exercise you are doing or some simple sport you are having, there must be a time when someone accidentally stepped on your feet. Although you have already had the best landing position of your feet but when someone stepped on your foot, the sprained ankle might be experienced by you.
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Further Consideration About Sprained Ankle

When you are suffering from the sprained ankle, you need to treat it right away. Unless you do, it would cause more complications which may worsen the condition of your ankle and your foot. How long does it take to heal a sprained ankle?.

Some of the complications related to the sprained ankle are the chronic ankle pain, joint instability for a long term, and also arthritis. As a conclusion, when you want to treat the sprain ankle, you need to know the causes why and how to sprain your ankle.