How to Break Your Ankle?

How to break your ankle? Asking this question to someone else who might have broken their ankle would make you seems like a foolish and funny. Probably you might ask how it happened that he or she experienced the broken ankle.

Broken ankle is the injury that happens in the bone of your ankle. When it happens, you will feel totally discomfort and you will be unable to do your common activities that you often do every single day. Sometimes people might have different thought on how serious it may be whether it may heal the next day or it gets worse the next morning.
how to break your ankle

Signs of Broken Ankle
How do you know if you broke your ankle? There are some symptoms that people need to know that belongs to the broken ankle. When these symptoms happen to you, you will directly notice and figure out that you are suffering from the broken ankle. Well, for most cases of the bone problem which happens in the ankle, people would notice that there would be swelling and bruising in the area of your ankle.

When you keep on doing your activities like walking, running, jumping, or doing heavy work, the pain would feel like burning. It will keep on increasing until you decide to take a rest then the pain will decrease. The skin in the area of your ankle would be tender. When these happen to you, you need to know immediately that you are suffering from the broken ankle.
how to tell if your ankle is broken

Causes of Broken Ankle
Fractures on the bone of your ankle that happens might be different level of the seriousness. The exact spot and the severity of the bone fracture will make the treatments you should do also different.

Thus, you can’t predict what you should immediately do when such case happens to you. The most serious case of this broken ankle may refer to the expert either to do the self treatment or surgery.
easiest way to break your ankle by yourself

Here are some causes of the broken ankle:
Car accidents – When you are riding a motorbike and you crushed into a car which make your ankle got unpredictable pressure from the car. It makes the ankle can’t protect itself from the injury. Thus, it makes broken ankle which requires surgery for safer option.

Falls or tripped – This is another accident that people often experience because of their own carelessness. Probably they are running or falling from the stairs thinking that it would be okay but in fact it didn’t really okay.

Heavy weight – Having dropped something heavy into you foot may also cause people to experience fractures on their bones. Indeed, this is something that happens out of your control because it is purely accident. It may only need self treatment or massage to repair the fracture.

Stress or overwork – People might not believe that stress or overwork might make someone experiences broken ankle. How is it possible? When people are working for too much, they might not realize that they are making repetitive force like going here and there doing this and that. When the bone works beyond their normal limit, people can experience broken ankle.

Now, you have already known the answer of how to break your ankle, right?