Fractured Knee Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

What do you know about broken or fractured knee symptoms, diagnosis, and also treatments? Before going too further, it seems better to know about what a fractured kneecap is.

Fractured knee is the injury that happens in the triangular bone of your knee. It includes the damage of some tendons and also ligaments. When someone suffers from broken knee, he or she will hardly move, walk, and bend his or her leg. When you squat, it seems the weight of your normal body will be multiplied into 5 or 10 times. The main causes of this fracture knee are accidents or falls. It usually happened for people in the age of 25 to 50.
fractured knee symptoms

Symptoms of Fractured Knee

What are the signs / symptoms of a fractured knee? When someone is suffering from the fractured knee, he or she will experience the severe pain around the knee and in the exact knee area.

Your knee will be swollen too. If you are making movement, the pain would be totally killing. Even when you are going to raise your straight leg without bending, the pain would still be the same.

signs of fractured broken knee
Before going into an analysis, the doctor would ask you a few questions on how the accident happened to you, which area gives the most pain, and also how long it has been hurt to you.

The first thing that he or she would be is by asking you to raise your leg or make movement of your knee. It is possibly happened after he or she had injected local anesthetic for reducing the killing pain. It is aimed to make sure that there is no more fractured area.

Another diagnosis of the fractured knee can also be done by undergoing X-rays. It is going to be taken from different angles so that the doctor would know how severe the fractured knee that you have. sometimes computed tomography can also be done to complete the process.

fractured tibia patella hairline avulsion knee joint symptoms
In dealing with fractured knee, there are two things that you can do to make it into back to it was used to. They are the ORIF (open reduction internal fixation) surgery and also full or partial patellectomy.

ORIF Surgery – In this treatment, the doctor would open the fractured area and he is trying to put the broken bones altogether by using pins, wires, or screws. When there are some broken boney pieces, they will be removed from the body when the doctor can’t repair them. After putting the bones back together, the fractured area will be casted until it heals.

Full or partial patellectomy – In this treatment, the broken bones will be removed in order to be repaired. When the surgery has been over, the sufferer won’t be able to have the normal extension because of the removal part of the broken bone. Unless the fractured has been healed completely you should be able to avoid the further injury that might harm you. You should also avoid having exercises such as playing sports. The most important thing is that you need to notice the fractured knee symptoms.