Hernia Treatment without Surgery: Yoga Exercises & Healthy Diet

Hernia treatment without surgery can be an alternative treatment for those who do not wish to go through surgery. Hernia is a common illness that affects many people, be it man or woman, young or old, around the world.

This digestive disorder can happen when there is a tear of the soft tissue, usually in the abdominal area, that can later create a small bulge because of the protruding organs. As a result, the protruding organs will push through the small opening and becomes a hernia.
hernia treatment without surgery

The treatment for every hernia patient can be different, related to the types and seriousness of the hernia they be ill with. There are some that have to be operate, whether the patient wish for it or not, but there are some that can be treat without surgery, if there is only a weak muscles, no injury or tears.

Treatments without surgery

Mild hernia can be treated without the patients having to go through surgery. But it doesn’t mean that that person can heal it, since hernia is hard to be healed completely. The injured or weak muscles inside will be strengthen. The patients have to live a careful live when they are infected by hernia. Some treatment that can help hernia patients without surgery is by doing Yoga hernia exercises.

The yoga moves can help to take the pressure off of the abdominal wall and reducing the risk of getting weak muscles tissues which later result in tearing the tissue. Yoga can strengthen and lengthen the muscles inside your body. You can also practice doing a breathing exercise when you are relaxing around for 5 to 7 second for each 10 times. Some yoga moves that you can do are as follow:

umbilicial inguinal hiatal epigastric femoral hernia treatment without surgery
Single leg raise with movement.
This exercise is to strengthen your lower abdominal muscles. You can start this by lying down on your back straightly. Keep your hand on the hernia region. Then raise your leg and move it up and down. Try not to touch the ground while you are doing this. Start from right to left, and do the movement 10 times for each leg.

non surgical hernia treatment repair and cure
Tree pose.
This is one of the asanas yoga movements. Stand and put a little of your weight on the left side slightly. Raise your right leg and place the foot sole against the inner opposite leg with the right toe pointing at the floor. Raise your hand up and clasp them above your head. Stare at a fix point right in front of you. Stay in this position for about a minute while regulating your breathing. Repeat the exercise with the left foot.

yoga exercise at home treatment for hernia without surgery or operation
There are some other ways to treat hernia as well, like taking off some pressure for the infected organs by doing a healthy diet. The diet can help you reducing the pressure inside.

Reducing the body weight to the ideal BMI is the target. Avoid greasy, heavy, spicy, or fried food. You should drink warm water right after waking up in the morning. For mild cases, this procedure can help them without operation.