How Many Calories do Jumping Jack Burns to Help Burning Fat?

How many calories do jumping jack burns? Have you ever asked yourself that question before you do the jumping jacks? Jumping jack is a fun exercise. Aside from warming up your muscles and get you in the mood to do some exercises, jumping jack are also great to improve your stamina.

A relatively high number of calories can be burned while performing jumping jacks. The number of calories you burn is depended on how much you weight, how often you do the jumping jacks, or how many bouts you perform the jumping jacks. Jumping jacks prove to be a great source of cardiovascular exercise, raising the heart rate and help burning calories.
calories burned doing jumping jacks

What can You Get from Doing Jumping Jacks?

Jumping jacks are considered as effective exercise in working out pattern. Various health benefit can you got from counting in the jumping jacks in your work-out session.

Jumping jacks can keep your heart healthy. When doing the jumping jacks, your heart will work hard to pump blood and the heart muscles will get the exercise it needs.

Jumping jacks are also a good friend to help you in losing weight. This exercise burns some calories which is an essential part in weight loss.
jumping jacks calories

Another benefit is that jumping jack can relieve some stress when you jump while moving your hands up and down. The brain is stimulated and will release the serotonin hormone, a hormone to make you feel good and happy.

Jumping jack can also be used as a start-up warm up exercise to relax your body muscles before doing the next exercise. Moreover, jumping up and down routinely can help you to improve your balance, stability, and stamina.

How to Jumping-Jacks?

how many calories does 100 jumping jacks burn
Jumping jacks can be done as you like it to be done. You can add many different moves of jumping jacks so you won’t get bored while exercising; like the plank jacks, front clap jumping jacks, or alternating jumping jacks.

But before choosing the variant you like, knowing how to do the standard jumps properly is essential. First, stand up straight with your arms at your side and your feet open shoulder-width.

Extend your arms above your head and slightly bend your knee to prepare for the jump. Then jump up with your feet spread out wide and keep your legs loose to avoid injury. Land softly on your feet in a starting position with your knees bent. Repeat the movement without pausing.

Calories Burned While Jumping Jacks

how many calories do jumping jacks burn
Like planking, sit ups, burpees, and crunches, jumping jacks are indeed the most simple and basic exercise you can do anywhere and anytime. Despite the simplicity, jumping jacks are an excellent calorie-burning exercise because the jumping jacks exercise is targeting your whole body at once.

Depending on your weight, the length and the bouts of you doing the jumping jacks, you can count the calories burned by jumping jacks exercise. For example; if your body weight around 150 pounds, and you do the jumping jacks for 30 minutes, the calories you successfully burn are about 275 calories (9 calories per minute or 1 hour = 550 calories).

Have you do the exercise yourself and count on how many jumping jacks to burn 100 calories? Assuming 1 jumping jack in 1 second, to work out how many calories per jumping jack, we divide 550 by the number of seconds in an hour, 3600 seconds. 550:3600=0.15calories (100 jumping jacks = 15,3 calories).