How Many Calories does Planking Burn to Get You in Shape?

How many calories does planking burn? It might be the question you have ever asked about. If we are talking about what to do to burn fats out of our body, exercising is the most effective way. In fact, doing some exercise can prevent any health problems.

There are the numbers of exercise that can be done to achieve some health goals from weight loss, increase your physical endurance or only build up some muscles. Those exercises are basically done to burn calories in your body. One of the most popular exercises which help us burn calories is planking.
how many calories does planking burn

Simple Workout Loads Benefits

Planking is probably the easiest workout you can do to help you get in shape. That’s probably the reason why it is extremely popular. Since every workout routines everyone performs planking that it is said greatly improves your fitness levels.

With simple position routines, planking is one of the most effective workouts to burn more calories. It does not only target one area but all areas of your body in one routine. If your planking is in the right form, you will feel the burn all over your body and after some time, you will see how your muscles are well formed.

Like burpee, you don’t need any equipment to perform the basic routine of planking. You can even do this routine anywhere. Planking is maybe incredibly easy to perform, but you will feel the incredible changes throughout your body after perform it.

Despite its easiness and simplicity routine, planking has loads of benefits. The first benefit is planking help improve your bones, joint and muscles. Those three are the core of our body which are the most essential area of the body to work in our daily life. Holding and squeezing the plank position use all the core muscle groups. When the strength of the body core elevates, everything we do becomes easier. Our physical fitness improves incredibly.
how much calories can plank burn

The next benefit is you’ll get stronger back. Unlike some other exercise that can weaken and possibly harm your back, planking is able to make your back, the upper back in particular, stronger. Toning up your stomach is also one benefit of planking.

The same with crunches, planking also has the ability to tone up your stomach effectively. Performing planking can improve your flexibility and avoid the risk of injury. Doing the simple routine of planking can neutralize the loss of muscles, tendons and ligaments’ elasticity due to the coming age.

The next advantage we can feel from planking is having strong bones and healthy joints. Exercises which focus on weight-bearing make the bones healthy. When you do planking, you support your own body weight. It’s a great way to strengthen your bones. From the position of the routine, it also incredibly improves not only your balance but also posture. It means when you perform planking regularly, it helps you sit or stand up very easily.

Calories Burned from Plank

It is not easy to measure the amount of caloric burn in planking. A 150 lb person will burn 19 calories in five minutes. A 200 lb person will burn 25 calories in five minutes. 1 hour of planking a day can burn about 230 calories, weight and metabolism depending.

These are estimates as there are a lot of factors that go into calorie calculation. The more intense you perform it, the more calories it burn. That can answer the question of “how many calories does planking burn?”