How Many Calories do Burpees Burn in Order to Get Some Weight Loss?

“How many calories do burpees burn to lose some weight?” It might be a question many people ask when they want to try doing the exercise. Burpee is a strengthen body workout which is commonly used as aerobic exercise. It is the combination of a number of simple movements which consists of a squat, push-ups and jump. This workout uses bodyweight for support.

Burpee is a full body exercise which improves your agility, coordination and strength.It is designed to build your body endurance so you may run out of breath doing burpees.
how many calories do burpees burn

Strengthen Your Body

As burpee is a full body workout, it is modified in a way to make your body strong through a combination of simple movements. Each repetition of burpees you’ll work your arms, chest, abs, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Doing a high-intensity burpees burns up to 50% more fat than doing exercises at a moderate pace.

In other words, burpee is a machine of fat-burning that can accelerate the metabolism of your body the entire day. If you do this exercise intensively it’s not possible resulting in weight loss as it burns more calories than you consume.

Reduce Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

burpees exercise calories burned
According to a research conducting exercises in high repetition and intensity is efficient to increase the strength of muscles. This endurance workout increases your heart rate and helps you improve the health of your body in no time. Loads of health advantages are provided from the increased cardiorespiratory strength.

As your health is getting improved, burpee is very effective to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. With a healthy body our confidence, creativity, happiness increase. Another benefit of burpee is it is able to boost the clarity of mental and memory.

What Decisive Factors affect the Caloric Burn

How many calories burn while performing burpees cannot be measured at an exact amounts. There are some determining factors that affect the number of caloric burn while doing this calisthenic exercise. The number of calories you’ll burn in doing burpees is determined by your weight, duration, metabolism and intensity.
burpees calories burned

How Many Calories do You Burn Doing Burpees for 1 Minute?

According to scientific studies, 8-14 calories are burned per minute by high-intensity exercise intervals. If you want to get a maximum result of caloric burn per minute, it is very important for you to perform this exercise as far as you can. The more burpees you perform, the more calories you burn. In other words, every a minute basic burpees you’ve done (most people do between 10-15 burpees per minute), it will burn about 10 calories (about 600 calories per hour).

Different Burpee Workouts

There are some different burpee workouts suggested for you to try to get your ultimate goals, which weight loss is one of them. Those workouts are standard burpee, half burpee, double burpee, candlestick burpee, deadmanburpee, twister burpee, 1-leg burpee, pull-up burpeeand many more variations of them.

Since burpee is one of effective workouts to burn up fat and calories, it is recommended for you to start doing this full body workout. So, this is the answer of the question “how many calories do burpees burn”.