How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Push Ups?

how many calories do you burn doing push ups
Push-ups belong to the most popular exercises. Like sit-ups, burpees, planking, crunches and jumping jack, it can be done anytime at any place. Different exercises burn different calories. So, how many calories do you burn doing push ups? Push-up is a kind of exercise that actually burns only a small numbers of calories.

In fact, push-up can be considered as a strength training workout. It does not belong to cardio exercise. It means you will not burn calories effectively especially for you who plan for weight loss diet. This is more suitable for you who focus on increasing strength & metabolism.

How many calories do you burn doing push ups? It depends on your body weight and how hard & how long you do push-ups. However, you can also combine it with cardio exercises to burn more calories.

Calories Burned during Push-ups

calories burned push ups
How many calories do you burn from doing push-ups? It depends on your body weight because it affects the energy to do push-up movements. For example, people who weigh 125 pounds will burn around 225 calories during they do push-ups in 30 minutes.

A person who weighs 155 pounds will burn 279 calories from 30 minute push-ups. A person weighing 185 pounds can burn 333 calories from doing push-ups in 30 minutes. Unfortunately, people are not fit enough to do push-ups for that long. So, the calories burned will not be that much.

Body Weight : 125 Pounds

  • 5 Minutes = 38 Calories
  • 10 Minutes = 75 Calories
  • 20 Minutes = 150 Calories
  • 30 Minutes = 225 Calories
  • 60 Minutes = 450 Calories

Body Weight : 155 Pounds

  • 5 Minutes = 46 Calories
  • 10 Minutes = 93 Calories
  • 20 Minutes = 186 Calories
  • 30 Minutes = 279 Calories
  • 60 Minutes = 558 Calories

Body Weight : 185 Pounds

  • 5 Minutes = 56 Calories
  • 10 Minutes = 111 Calories
  • 20 Minutes = 222 Calories
  • 30 Minutes = 333 Calories
  • 60 Minutes = 666 Calories

Push-ups for Strength Training & Weight Loss

how many calories do push ups burn
Push-ups should not be only the strength training and weight loss exercise. You need to do minimally 2 strength training exercises in a week with 10 various exercises so that you can improve more muscles.

Strength training exercises will not burn calories effectively but they build muscles. For weight loss, push-ups should also be combined with other exercises to burn more calories. You can consider cardio exercises such as jogging, cycling, running, etc.

People who want to lose weight can do push-ups. However, you need to know how many calories you burn during push-ups. Because push-ups do not burn calories fast, you need cardio exercises to help you burn more calories. For the best result, we recommend you to do exercises regularly at least twice a week. The more cardio exercises you do, the more effective calorie-burning will be.

There are many exercises that can burn calories fast. For example, running at 5-mile-per-hour will burn about 606 calories. Jumping rope for an hour will burn 292 calories. And there are still many other examples. However, burning calories is also affected by the body weight.
how many calories does 20 50 100 push ups burn 100 calories for weight loss

Dietary Changes for Diet of Weight Loss

Push-ups may help you reduce your body weight. However, it is not effective. To make it effective, you need to do dietary changes. According to many studies, high protein and low glycemic index diet will be very effective to lose weight. Glycemic index will measure how fast the foods improve blood sugar level. The foods must be high protein and fiber.

This is not only good with strength training exercises but also helps you lose weight. So, if your goal is weight loss, you need to combine push-ups with cardio exercises. However, you cannot forget to follow this diet plan to reach your goal faster.