How Long does Sleep Paralysis Last and the Facts

A lot of people have been wondering how long does sleep paralysis last, for real? Those who have never experienced one don’t really have the direct experience of the issue while those who have often felt that the incidence happened for quite a long time.

So, what happened during the sleep paralysis? What triggered it? And how long does it usually last?
how long does sleep paralysis last

Sleep Paralysis and the History

Sleep paralysis is the condition where you are awake but you can’t move a muscle. You can’t talk, scream, and move. “Mind awake & body asleep”. Often times, the condition is associated with terror and difficulty to breathe – which result in many stories about evil presence or ghostly phenomena.

You have to admit that it can be quite frightening when you are conscious and awake, and yet you aren’t able to move at all. This is why people often experience a choking sense or pressure on the chest – as if something sat on their chest. Because of this reason, the ancient people had believed that this condition was caused by the evil doing (see die from sleep paralysis?).
sleep paralysis time duration

People have been searching for the explanation for a long time. Although scientists still haven’t figured out exactly what causes the sleep paralysis, they have come up with a theory. They believe that sleep paralysis happens when people are still going through the wakefulness and sleep stage.

You see, the mind is a complicated matter that controls the body and the system. When there are transitions, the system and the body have to complete the stage and be ready. Well, it doesn’t happen when sleep paralysis. It is most likely that the mind is already set and ready but the body hasn’t. Not to mention if the mind has a conflicting system – it is ready to wake up and be conscious but there are some minor systems that aren’t quite ready.

How long can you be stuck or stay in sleep paralysis condition? Basically, the body needs time to re-adjust its system. It takes several seconds to several minutes for the body to re-adjust itself and be synergized with the mind. That’s why sleep paralysis is generally lasting for only several seconds – it is rarely happening for a long minute. However, because of the terror and the terrifying nature, most people say that it lasts for minutes or even hours – while in reality, it is rarely the case.
how long can sleep paralysis last

The Verdict

Although sleep paralysis is rarely a sign of an underlying issue or a health concern, it is actually showing you that there is something not quite right with your system. People who develop sleep paralysis often develop these habits:

  • They don’t get enough sleep
  • They experience substance abuse
  • They are undergoing a certain medication
  • They don’t maintain a regular sleeping schedule or time
  • They may have sleeping issues, such as nighttime leg cramps or narcolepsy
  • They suffer from mental conditions, such as bipolar disorder, stress, or depression

If you suspect yourself or your loved ones from having this issue, immediately look for medical assistance. You need to have yourself checked and find the solutions. It is not only about how long does an episode of sleep paralysis last but about the main core that triggers your situation.