Can You Die from Sleep Paralysis: a Little bit of Explanation

Can you die from sleep paralysis? Sleep paralysis can be a frightening experience because your mind is alert and yet your body is paralyzed.

Some people associated with astral presence or the presence of the ‘ghostly existence’. One of the most common questions is whether sleep paralysis is dangerous and it can kill you.
can you die from sleep paralysis

Understanding the Issue

Imagine this: you are sleeping soundly and suddenly you are awake and you are totally aware of your condition. Strangely enough, your mind is sharp and alert and yet you can’t move your body at all. Some people call it the sleeping terror because you feel scared and hopeless at the same time. That’s sleep paralysis. Your mind is alert and you are totally conscious and yet you can’t move an inch; let alone scream or yell for help.

Up until now, there is no simple scientific explanation why it happens. Some people are fortunate enough not to experience such an issue while the others have to deal with the ‘night terror’ several times within their life span.

The Scary Concept

can sleep paralysis lead to death
Those who have experienced the sleep paralysis claim that it is a horrifying event mostly because of the helplessness. Not to mention that it happens during sleep, one of the most peaceful and relaxing conditions. It is a tragic contrast – you are supposed to feel relaxed when sleeping and yet you are terrorized and scared.

Most people are afraid to go back to sleep – which will only make your condition get worse. Sleep paralysis is described as the condition where the nightmare is real. Some even say that it feels like death is coming upon you while you are wide awake – describing the horrific terror they have experienced.

The Scientific Explanation

can sleep paralysis kill you
It turns out that there are two major types of sleep paralysis:

  • The Predormital or Hypagogic type, happening just before you sleep.
  • The Postdormital or Hypnopompic type, happening when you are close to waking up – which is the most common type of sleep paralysis.

Although scientists can’t really answer why the sleep paralysis happens, they have the theory that it is related to the condition of the mind, the stage between waking and sleeping. It is also possible that it is related to the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Scientists have the theory that whereas the mind is ready to wake up, the body doesn’t seem to follow suit – which results in the sleep paralysis. It may make you feel like you are dying but it’s just a transition from you sleeping to waking up. Read this how long does sleep paralysis last.

Physical Effect

can sleep paralysis be dangerous
A lot of people say that they experience the tightening of the chest during sleep paralysis, which results in the claim that it can cause death. Based on studies, the tightening of the chest is mostly caused by fear and panicky – not related to physical condition.

When you are anxious or scared, it is normal to have difficulty to breathe properly, which is exactly happening to those who had experienced the sleep paralysis. These people have undergone medical examinations and no threatening physical symptoms are found.

Yes, sleep paralysis is scary and frightening but it won’t be able to kill you. Although you may find yourself difficult to breathe, scientists claim that it is mostly caused by fear and the feel of hopelessness. There is nothing to be worried about when it comes to this kind of sleep disorder. So, the answer to the question “can you die because of sleep paralysis” is no.