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Broken Ankle Surgery Treatment Plans

broken ankle surgery

Broken ankle is one of the most common ankle injuries. It usually happens to athletes or can be caused by accidents. It is different from sprained ankle (broken vs sprain). Broken ankle is also called as ankle fracture. There are...

Ankle Pain Running Causes, Types, Treatments

ankle pain running

Runners usually take about 160 up to 180 steps in a minute. Of course, every step requires muscles related to leg and ankle. Many runners often experience pain whether when they are running or after they ran. Ankle pain running...

3 Sports Hernia Symptoms & How to Diagnose

sport hernia symptoms

Deciding if you have an all-out Sports Hernia (athletic pubalgia) can be very difficult. The injury is exceptionally intricate and moderately new in the therapeutic group, making a diagnosis hard to get unless you visit a specialist doctor. Imagine if...

Broken Ankle Vs Sprained Ankle: What Are the Differences?

broken ankle vs sprained ankle

Over a million people of the United States visit emergency room because of ankle injuries. Talking about ankle injuries, people always compare broken ankle vs sprained ankle. In fact, they are the most common injuries that happen related to ankle....

Home Sleep Apnea Test Guides

home sleep apnea test

To test sleep apnea, you should not always to meet a doctor. Now, you can do it at home. Home sleep apnea test is accurate if you do it rightly. It has been proven in many studies related to this....

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