3 Sprained Ankle Symptoms & Recovery Time

sprained ankle symptoms
A sprained ankle and broken ankle bones in your foot is a condition when you had an injury in your ankle bones. It may happen because of car crash, or you fell while walking or running. The stages of this injury are varying, depend on how hard and how severe the bone cracks are.

Treatment you should take and how long the recovery duration will be depended on the severity of the injury itself. This article will discuss about 3 twisted or sprained ankle symptoms and recovery time. It will help you to detect on the early stage, so you can treat your injury and prevent it to be more serious. How to know if you sprained your ankle?

Sprained Ankle Symptoms You Should Aware

Pain in your ankle

how to tell if your ankle is sprained
Some of the reasons of this pain are using uncomforted shoes when you had increased activity level using your foot, improper technique in sport, or you just choose sport which not right for you.

The stress level of ankle joint is different from one person to another. So, it is important to you to know your limit of stress, and do immediate treatment when you hurt your ankle.

For prevention, you better start slowly in your sport, strengthen your muscles and warm up before you do exercise. This symptom is the early stage in rolled ankle symptoms that you can be aware.

Swelling and bruising

rolled twisted ankle symptoms
The second stage of sprained ankle symptoms is swelling, and when the hit is too hard, your skin around the ankle will start bruising. Swollen ankle can happen because of there is a problem with veins’ valves which prevent blood from flowing. In this condition, it is better for you to see a medical help. It will help you a lot to prevent that injury into more serious thing.

Difficulty in walking or bearing weight

signs of a sprained ankle
By having the injury in your ankle, you will have trouble in walking and bearing weight. This symptom happens when your ankle not strong enough to hold your body weight. Especially when the injury already causes a crack or dislocation of bones in your ankle. It won’t good for you if you still force them for walking or doing activity harder.

Sprained Ankle Recovery

signs and symptoms of a twisted and rolled ankle
Those 3-sprained ankle signs can help you to decide what to next to take care of your injury. The recovery time may vary due to how severe your injury is. There are 2 ways of treatment to treat your sprained ankle, home care and medical treatment.

The second choice which is medical treatment will give you better and faster recovery, because you will be handled by experienced doctor. Basically, no matter which treatment you will choose for treatment to faster your recovery. The thing that you should do is to prevent the injury from happening.

You can start by choosing the right shoes for exercise, warming up before you start moving your foot, or simply not choosing the activity that you know that is hard for you. Stay healthy!